WealthPIC launched!

I’ve been exploring the idea of a passive income for some time now. Of course, there are many options for this, but I was specifically focused on dividend-paying stocks/ETFs. Very quickly I realized that it’s pretty challenging to be able to come up with a portfolio that would generate you a required X dollars per on average.

The task overall did look like an optimization/search problem though, and I decided to try using my favorite genetic algorithms to tackle it.

So, after a bunch of months of spare-time hacking, I’m very excited to present another small project of mine - WealthPIC!

The basic idea is simple - given an objective (I want to get X dollars per month), the app will generate a totally random portfolio that satisfies it. Then one can start playing with it by adding additional constraints, filters, pinning and removing entries and so on until, hopefully, the dream portfolio is found.

Of course, one should not follow the suggested path blindly and always double-check if numbers make sense, but hopefully, the resulting portfolio can still serve as a solid foundation for further exploration.

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